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About the Founders

As Featured In

Third Shot Podcast Talks to Heidi Block

Founder Heidi Block tells the brand's origin story while doing pickle juice shots as a guest on Third Shot Podcast.

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Elevate Your Game with Play-PKL

Read an interview with Ply-PKL CEO Heidi Block on Subkit Go Solo, a blog dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs.

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Meet Heidi Block and Play-PKL

Lifestyle publication Shout Out Arizona profiles founder Heidi Block and her happy place, Long Beach Island.

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An Interview with Heidi Block

Canvas Rebel Magazine caught up with Heidi Block to learn about how she came up with the idea for Play-PKL.


Empowering Pickleball Enthusiasts, One Court at a Time

Meet Heidi Block, the Co-Founder and CEO of Play-PKL, a revolutionary pickleball brand that emerged from her personal struggle to find comprehensive resources and suitable equipment when she began playing in 2020.