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Luckily, for pickleball, you don’t need to spend a fortune! All you’ll need to start are three things: a paddle, balls, and court shoes. Play-PKL offers an excellent beginner through intermediate pickleball paddle, weighing in at 8 ounces, along with hard surface pickleballs, perfect for most players’ needs. We also offer chic performance-enhancing pickleball apparel and functional pickleball accessories to elevate your game. 

While tennis clothes may be suitable for some aspects of pickleball, there are several reasons why they are not ideal. 

  1. Pockets
    The ball pockets in tennis shorts and skorts are designed to hold tennis balls, not pickleballs. In tennis shorts, the pocket bags sit in front, so the bulge of a pickleball would impede paddle swing movement. Tennis skorts are generally designed to hold balls under the built in spandex shorts (if they're designed to hold balls at all). Pickleballs are too large and too hard to store in a spandex short -- they would scrape your leg.
  2. Comfort
    Tennis clothes are often designed for twenty-something slender models, with little consideration for the varying body types and sizes of the general population. Pickleball is a sport that is popular among people of all shapes and sizes, so pickleball clothing should be designed with a more inclusive fit in mind.
  3. Brand Fit
    Pickleball has exploded in the U.S over the past few years and the apparel market has simply not caught up. If you are playing the sport regularly and want to look great and feel great when you do, why not look for apparel designed for pickleball rather than tennis?Would you wear soccer clothes to play golf?

Pickleballs are primarily categorized based on whether they are intended for indoor or outdoor play. The main difference between balls designated for indoor vs. outdoor play is that indoor balls have fewer, slightly larger holes than outdoor pickleballs.

The best pickleballs are bright, durable and can withstand outdoor elements. Play-PKL offers the banger ball, perfect for indoor or outdoor pickleball play. At the maximum allowable weight, it holds up in even the windiest conditions.

Most beginner pickleball players opt for a composite paddle because its lightweight nature enhances ball control, though a heavier paddle made from graphite will allow for more power. Play-PKL offers an excellent pickleball paddle, suitable for beginner through intermediate players, and weighing in at just under 8 ounces.

Carabiner clips are great for hanging your pickleball bag or water bottle on the court fence while you play.


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We recommend washing your apparel in cold water with similar colors and hanging it to dry. Avoid using bleach or fabric softeners to preserve the fabric's moisture-wicking properties.

At Play-PKL, we partner exclusively with manufacturers who prioritize fair labor practices and ensure safe working environments.

We also take our commitment to environmental sustainability seriously. We have partnered with Green Tree Textiles, a non-profit that collects, recycles and repurposes unwanted textile materials, servicing those who are disadvantaged or in transition while limiting the amount of material entering the waste stream.

Unlike the competitors, our apparel was designed specifically for pickleball. We start with our signature, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics that enhance ventilation, supporting your moves while keeping you comfortable and dry. But what is truly unique is our pockets. Our shorts and skorts feature exterior pockets that are the perfect size to comfortably hold a pickleball. Whereas typical pocket bags sit in the front of most shorts or skirts, ours are set a little back to keep the ball out of your way while playing.

Yes, our apparel is designed with high-performance moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry and comfortable during any activity, from intense workouts to casual wear.