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Welcome to the world of Play-PKL, where style meets strategy, fashion meets function, and relatability meets reliability. Above all else, here we celebrate quality, comfort, flexibility, breathability, technology and responsibility.


Our commitment to elevating your style and pickleball game begins with the selection of premium fabrics, followed by high quality craftsmanship and thorough testing to ensure that our products not only feel great but work great.


In addition to softness, stretchiness and moisture management, we take pride in the relaxed fit of our apparel. We ensure the right amount of coverage, allowing you to feel your best so you can play your best.


Unrestricted movement is crucial for pickleball attire. Our stretch fabrics, reinforced seams and elastic waist bands will allow you to move freely around the court.


Our signature, lightweight, moisture-wicking fabrics enhance ventilation, supporting your moves while keeping you comfortable and dry. 


All of our soft goods are designed specifically for pickleball. Our shorts and skorts feature perfectly-sized pockets on the outside, to comfortably hold a pickleball. Unlike standard pocket bags, which sit in the front of most shorts or skirts, ours are set a little back to keep the ball from bulging out in front while you play. 

Our tote bags are water resistant, with side pockets designed to hold even the largest water bottles and a front pocket wide enough to slip your paddle in and out. Plus, our bags feature easy-grip paddle-shaped zipper closures. 

Our hats are made from highly breathable ripstop nylon that won’t show sweat stains and feature an adjustable velcro strap to fit snugly on almost any size head. 


We prioritize fair labor practices and safe working environments, only partnering with manufacturers that uphold those same values. We also take our commitment to environmental sustainability seriously, partnering with Green Tree Textiles: a Nonprofit that collects, recycles and repurposes unwanted textile materials, servicing those who are disadvantaged or in transition, and limiting the amount of material entering the waste stream. At Play-PKL, we aim to set an example on and off of the court.

Resonate with our values? Reach out to for information on our Brand Ambassador Program!