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Sammy Skort 2.0 - Pickleball Skort

Our signature fabric takes your game to the next level, offering a moisture wicking and a relaxed fit for unrestricted mobility.

Made for Pickleball, this skort has unique outer pockets specifically designed for the sport.

A variety of color options; from vibrant patterns to classic solids, to fit your style and preference. 

Designed to deliver both high performance and high fashion on and off the court.  

BUY 2 GET $10.00 OFF

Buy 2 Get $10.00 OFF

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Your Choice to Play With Style & Comfort

Experience the evolution of court fashion with our innovative CoolFlow™ fabric, crafted for dynamic movement and unparalleled comfort on the pickleball court.

Our latest collection offers a variety of vibrant patterns and classic solids, each  featuring moisture-wicking technology for ultimate comfort.

Why Play-PKL?

Made For Pickleball

Are you still wearing tennis skorts or gym clothes for pickleball?  Discover the difference with our pickleball wear. Our skort features perfectly sized pockets on the outside, set further back, to comfortably hold a pickleball and ensure uninterrupted play.

Great Pickleball Content

Play-PKL is here to serve you everything you need to know to get started playing and grow your game!  Come play with us and level up your pickleball game with our full collection!


Giving Back

We've partnered with Green Tree Textiles: a Nonprofit that collects, recycles and repurposes unwanted textile materials, servicing those who are disadvantaged or in transition, and limiting the amount of material entering the waste stream.

Sammy Skort 2.0

★★★★★ 5/5 Star Rating

Sammy Skort 2.0


  Buy 2 Get $10 OFF  

Sammy Skort 2.0


  Buy 2 Get $10 OFF   


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The Play-PKL Sammy Skort 2.0 is made to move the way you move on the pickleball court.


With our signature Coolflow™ Technology you will have the ideal comfort and fit to feel confident on and off the pickleball court.



    Soft, stretchy, and moisture-wicking with a relaxed fit.  Made from 89% polyester 11% Lycra.


    Premium fabrics and high-quality craftsmanship, thoroughly tested to ensure peak performance.


    Lightweight features from Play-PKL's signature CoolFlow™ fabric.

Fabric & Care

  • 89% polyester and 11% Lycra
  • Turn Garment Inside Out
  • Machine Wash Cold
  • Tumble Dry Low
  • Do Not Iron

Size Chart

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Love My Sammy Skort!  ★★★★★

" The Sammy Skort is so comfortable and the fabric is soft. But I think the best feature of the skort and one that sets it apart from all others are the pockets!!! " - AC

  • Verified customer

#1 Choice for Pickleball



Discover Why Our Customers Love the Sammy Skort 2.0

Discover Why Our Customers Love the Sammy Skort 2.0


Color Me Blue

I am so happy with this skort! it fit beautifully and is so easy to move around in on the court. And it looks so stylish with the Pretty tank in Green Confetti. The color combination is so unique, I just love it! I would highly recommend this outfit - in fact I bought it as a gift and my friend loved it too!

- Jean R.


Love My Sammy Skort

The Sammy Skort is so comfortable and the fabric is soft. But I think the best feature of the skort and one that sets it apart from all others are the pockets!!!

 - Amanda C.


Great Pickleball Skort

I love my skort, So many colors in the skort so I have lots of choices for shirts that match. Fabric is very soft and comfortable, the undershorts are soft and not tight at all!!! Love it!

- Lisa M.

Meet The Founder

Play-PKL began with the simple vision of spreading our obsession with pickleball. 


We were the first of our friends to learn how and once we learned to play we just couldn't wait to teach others. It's not hard to learn but somehow we often hear people say that they really want to learn but don't know how to get started. 


We often hear from our pickleball friends that pickleball was the first sport they've ever really played. So many of us are active and healthy, but our exercise is more of a chore than a pleasure. It's about grinding it out at the gym or in a drop-in class because you know you have to in order to stay in shape. But the great thing about pickleball is that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ATHLETE TO PLAY. It really is so easy to learn and to play that anyone can do it. Don't you want to be an athlete?


We believe there's an athlete in all of us, but we just need a friend to help us get started. We want to be that friend.


What Sets Us Apart?

Revolutionize Your Court Experience with Our Innovative Play-PKL Sammy Skort 2.0

Revolutionize Your Court Experience with Our Innovative PLAY-PKL Sammy Skort 2.0

Other Skorts

Other Skorts

CoolFlow™ fabric

CoolFlow™ fabric

Designed For Pickleball

Designed for Pickleball

Outer Ball Pockets

Outer Ball Pockets

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed Fit

Made in North America

Made in North America